Underclassmen key to success

WRESTLING While the boys are working to find the right weight match-ups, the team is 1-2.


Calvin Ru

Seniors Donje Lee and Zaid Parek (right) participate in a live spar during practice.

Ryan Chae, Sports Editor

In a sport where a few pounds can determine who their next opponent will be, the boys of the Diamond Bar High School wrestling team are looking to make sure that their weight matches their opponent.

The Brahmas are currently sitting on a 1-2 league record after beating Glendora, 42-27, and losing to Ayala and South Hills, 46-30 and 42-24.

To prepare for the season, the boys have had to go through some intense training.

“Practices are very brutal, especially early on in the season. It takes a lot of discipline. Even after practice, it’s still not done. We’ve got to make weight, got to go to the gym, and make sure we’re eating healthy,” senior Nick Wahba said.

In the offseason, the boys mainly conditioned through running exercises, but during  league season, it’s another story. The team currently undergoes daily three-hour practices of live wrestling, during which the Brahmas are able to work on technique and their stamina.

As making weight has been a challenge, some wrestlers, including Wahba himself, are forced to wrestle in higher weight classes.

In the match against Walnut, Wahba had to face a Mustang that weighed 145 while he weighed 137 at the time. Although the Brahmas had to make adjustments, they were able to pull off the win in one of their final preseason games, dominating 39-17.

To help with weight, the team has had the assistance of coach Andre Bonafe, who was a wrestler himself at DBHS and apart of the 30 Win Club his senior year. Bonafe is a personal trainer and has helped the team stay healthy in terms of dieting and working out.

Although the lineup is made up of primarily seniors, underclassmen mainly carry the load in the upper weight class.

Senior captain Michael Cardiel believes that the team’s chances of winning the league relies heavily on the success of the younger Brahmas as well the energy level of the team.