Teen Reacts to Internet Success

Pauline Villegas, A&E Editor

Anyone who has watched the popular YouTube video series, “Teens React” has imagined themselves being one of the panel commenting on the various viral videos. Diamond Bar junior Kenneth Kwon took it one step further and has earned himself a regular spot on the show.

Kwon said he decided to audition for the popular YouTube channel “Fine Brothers Entertainment” after seeing an ad for it on Facebook  in October. Of course, he had seen the popular “Teens React” show in which a handful of teenagers share their opinions on the internet’s most popular videos. Each of the channel’s videos have received more than one million views.  

“[The audition] was basically exactly what you see in the actual videos. You watch a handful of videos and if they like you, they call you back,” Kwon said.

Kwon received a call back about a month later and was immediately asked to start filming. The first show he appeared on, “Teens React to 1000 Degree Knife Compilation,” featured  teens reacting to viral YouTube videos centered around slicing random things with extremely hot knives.

Afterwards, the teens were asked to watch these videos and answer some questions on how their recent popularity made them feel. Kwon was an instant hit in the comments section, and is excited to continue his career.

After signing a contract with Fine Brothers Entertainment, the creator of the popular “reaction” videos, Kwon goes to the production company’s  studios once a month to react to dozens of videos. Every time Kwon is on set, he is paid $100 as well as an additional $12 for every hour after.

His close friends and family had a lot to say about Kwon’s newfound fame.

“I’m embarrassed when they watch it in front of me. They all laugh and make fun of me.”

In addition to his appearances in the videos, he said he hopes his work with Fine Brothers Entertainment will allow him to become familiar with the inner workings of YouTube channels.

Kwon is a member of DBHS cinematography club and enjoys learning about filmmaking. After high school, Kwon hope to use his experience in “Teens React” to pursue a career in the film industry.