Summer fun on a budget

Emily Kim, Feature Editor

Summer break is synonymous with pools, beaches, ice cream and, most importantly, no more school. Here are some fun activities to brighten your summer that will not  break the bank.

Want to get in your workout of the day while also exploring your city? Geocaching is described as “the world’s largest treasure hunt.” You can sign up online at for free to start searching for your own hidden treasures. The site uses your phone’s GPS to guide you to a hidden treasure with common household items of your choice.

With hundreds, sometimes even thousands of hidden geocaches, searching for the hidden locations is a great way to spend your time alone or racing with friends.

Going on a picnic is another way to make the most out of the sunny summer days. Fullerton Arboretum and Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden are two of the more fancy  picnic spots, as they are a combination of  traditional park and  botanical garden. However, you do not need to visit  these  locations to enjoy a picnic. Heading to your local park with a bag full of food, anything from fruit salads, homemade pastries, and some sandwiches and a blanket is more fulfilling than spending your days inside away from the sun.

For the indecisive summer spenders, the “flip-a-coin” drive or walk is an interesting way to have a fun day with a friend. At every intersection someone flips a coin and if it lands on heads, you turn right and on tails you turn left. Once you reach a location or turns can no longer be made, the goal is to try and do something fun wherever you end up. Not only will you spend a full day out under the sun, but you might end up discovering something new about your same-old same-old city.