Stalking celebs on social media

Emily Jacobsson, A&E Editor

It is often hard to view celebrities as regular people, especially with the glitz and glamor of Hollywood surrounding their every action. However, social media now gives us the chance to look into the personal lives of the many celebrities we love to see on the red carpet – from what they eat to their views on a variety of subjects.  Here are a few who I would recommend following:


A follow of Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram (@chrissyteigen) kills two birds with one stone, as you are given access to a look into the life of both her and her famous husband, John Legend. Teigen floods her Instagram with heartwarming family photos and endearing videos of her child. Teigen often shares pictures of the delicious yet healthy meals she cooks, bringing motivation to her followers to follow suit and start a healthier lifestyle.


There has never been a thought too vulgar or controversial for Ryan Reynolds to post on his Twitter account (@VancityReynolds). Reynolds does not shy away from sharing his most candid thoughts on Twitter, often resulting in hilariously random tweets. It is refreshing to see a celebrity share his thoughts so openly in a world where many celebrities rely on their management to construct the perfect tweet for them.


By the looks of her social media accounts, Rowan Blanchard is mature far beyond her years. The 15-year-old star of the recently canceled “Girl Meets World,” uses both her Instagram and Twitter (@RowanBlanchard) to share her views on current events. Blanchard uses social media platforms as a way to speak up about issues like gender equality and human rights while exposing her young following to the harsh realities of the world. In the wake of any social injustice, rest assured that Blanc
hard will soon address it online in an eloquent fashion. Rather than pictures of her daily life, Blanchard’s instagram focuses much more on the causes and subjects she is passionate about. With every post, Blanchard encourages social awareness and instigates change by being a positive influence on her followers.


Similar to Blanchard, Zendaya’s social media accounts (@Zendaya) reveal just how intelligent and politically aware she is. She constantly posts about different causes that she feels deserves more attention and makes her opinions regarding social issues known. Aware of her young audience, Zendaya uses her social media platforms to spread positivity in the form of encouraging body positivity and overall self-love.


While it is interesting to see what the Sprouse twins have been up to long after their “Sweet Life of Zack and Cody” days, the best thing about their Twitter accounts (@dylansprouse and @colesprouse) is their interactions with each other. The frequent sibling banter is always amusing and sometimes leads to the posting of embarrassing childhood pictures of each other. Neither of the twins takes themselves too seriously, making for perfectly childish tweets that are always entertaining and guaranteed to  draw many laughs.