Spring break overseas

Kate Zheng, Feature Editor

As the school year passes by in a blur, spring break draws closer and closer. The one- week break is just around the corner, and students and faculty of Diamond Bar High School have already begun planning activities they will be doing during the short vacation.

Whether traveling to different countries or staying at home to relax, spring break offers a way to bring excitement and forget the stress of everyday school life.

One of the most popular activities for the break week is traveling, which is what freshman Eryn Lau and her family have in mind. They will be visiting two different countries, Taiwan and Korea, during the vacation.

“After school I’ll be going straight to the airport and after three days in Taiwan, I’ll be going to Korea,” Lau said.

In Taiwan, she plans to shop and eat popular foods such as fried fish balls, shaved ice and hot pot. While in Korea, she will be visiting famous tourist sites such as the Namsan Tower and Lotte World, in addition to attending various Korean drama events. Lau has watched numerous Korean dramas of all genres, and one activity she looks forward to is visiting the filming sites.

Freshman Summer Wang will also be traveling, but with a different purpose in mind. She will head to Vietnam to pay a special visit to her cousins and other relatives.

“It’s my first time visiting my cousin in two years, and also my first time in Vietnam,” Wang said.

She looks forward to going biking and fishing with her missed cousins. Wang also expressed interest in exploring Vietnamese culture, including how the holiday is celebrated there and the various foods.

“My cousins might be able to teach me many things, and I hope my Vietnamese can actually improve,” Wang said.

In addition, many teachers and faculty members have also planned trips over the break to get away from the worries of teaching.

Biology and APES teacher Greg Valor, who always had an interest in traveling and exploring nature, will be visiting his daughter, who is studying in Australia.

“I’ve never been to Australia before but it’s a place I’ve always wanted to go to,” said Valor. “It seems really cool.”

One activity Valor looks forward to is the guided hikes that will explore the wildlife.

“Hopefully I’ll come back with some good pictures of koalas and kangaroos to show my students,” Valor said.