Singing for the season: Winter Choir Concert

Catherine Liu & Christina Liu, Staff Writers

Dec. 1-2

Kicking off the holiday season with some Christmas cheer, Diamond Bar High School’s Marquis sang a wide variety of holiday tunes–from classic carols to high-energy pop songs–at the Winter Wind Concert on Dec. 1 and 2 in the DBHS theater.

Starting with the upbeat song “It’s Christmas Time,” all of Marquis sang together before moving into a solo medley. With a mix of happy and solemn songs, the solos allowed students to showcase their skills to the crowd.

A memorable performance was the duet between John Romero and Nastassia Marantz, who sang “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” The pair harmonized beautifully together, with Romero’s deep voice complimenting Marantz’s high-pitched parts in the song. Another notable piece was “Christmas Song,” sung by Jayden Wang, whose smooth voice resonated throughout his performance.

After the solos, the choir sang ”We Need a Little Christmas” and “Let it Snow” together before leaving the stage as senior Kaitlyn Lee reentered as a country gal named “Daisy.” With her Southern accent, she encouraged the crowd to shout “Howdy!” During this part of the performance, the audience was able to join in on “Up on The Housetop,” by clapping to the beat and vocalizing, “Ho ho ho,” and “click click click.” The audience’s participation made the song more enjoyable and brought an energetic mood to the crowd.

After intermission, the choir changed into more formal outfits to match the classical  Christmas pieces that they were performing.

After “Christmas Carol,” Lee, Emily Tran, Myra Mayr and Katelyn Duenas performed several solos. Lee, who sang “I Guess There Ain’t No Santa Claus,” stood out because of her raspy voice, which matched the jazzy feel of the song.

Then, Danielle Sy opened a segment of the concert where Marquis members sang a  “Sacred Carol Medley,” which consisted of traditional carols that encompass the religious reason behind the holiday season. One of the numbers that really stood out was “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” by the senior males of Marquis, as their baritone voices complimented the dark undertone of the song.

Before wishing the audience a good night, the choir ended on a cheery note with “It’s That Time of the Year.”  

Dec. 7-8

The Diamond Bar High School choirs came together on Dec. 7 and 8 to celebrate the magical season through their annual Winter Choir Concert.

To begin the show, Marquis gave the audience a taste of their recent Winter Winds Concert with their “Home for the Holidays Medley.” The vocalists quickly established a cheerful atmosphere with a hearty call and response between multiple singers.

After, the choir department officers gave brief introductions before opening the curtains for Chamber Choir. With vocal coach Matthew Davis conducting, chamber choir mesmerized the crowd with soothing hymns such as “Angels We Have Heard on High” and “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.”  

Following Chamber, Diamond Tones sang “Festive Processional” by Audrey Snyder, accompanied by a drum beat. In “Bright Star Shining,” the audience clapped along enthusiastically as soloist Aidan Nelson captured the stage with his clear, distinct sound.

The concert was split so that half the solos would be performed on Thursday, while the other half would be performed on Friday. During the Thursday performance, a memorable solo included “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve,” performed effortlessly by Solitaire vice president Stephanie Tang, as her smoky voice perfectly complimented the melody.

The Solitaire girls came out dressed up in red and white dresses with a festive Santa hat to capture the holiday feel, as they sang the enchanting Latin piece, “Gloria.” The piano accompaniment in “Winter Wonderland,” gave the audience the illusion of falling snowflakes with a twist of “Deck the Halls” incorporated in the melody.  

Next to take the stage was Marquis in their “ugly” Christmas sweaters, as they enraptured the crowd with “Carol of the Bells,” using their vocals to imitate the heavy gonging of a bell. The traditional Jewish song “Mi Zeh Hidlik” lulled the crowd with gentles tones, which was contrasted by the upbeat song “It’s That Time of the Year” that followed.

To close the night, choir department alumni were invited to come onstage and join in their final song, “Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah.”