Right as Ryan: Snooze of the century

Ryan Chae, Sports Editor

Get ready for the Fight of the Century. Mayweather. Pacquiao. No wait, that was just the last time another fight was labeled “The Fight of the Century.” My mistake, I meant to say: “The Disappointment of the Century,” starring Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, coming to a television near you.

The news surrounding this fight has been a battle in itself. From dates and locations confirmed to denied the next day, the back and forth between news outlets have been fuel to the fire. It doesn’t help that the two have been constantly throwing verbal jabs at each other over the last two years. The two have dissed each other on all areas: fights, money and even race.

When you pit two of the biggest sports egos of all time against each other, you’re bound to witness one of the hottest feuds online.

But that’s it. It’s only been about words this whole time.

As more and more new stories, rumors and denials are coming out about the potential battle between the “Notorious” and “Money,” fans can’t help but dream for a summer blockbuster. But first we should ask ourselves if this fight should really go down.

This duel, without a doubt, would be one of the biggest box office draws in the history of sports.

McGregor has changed the sports landscape, pushing UFC as one of the top sports brands and entertainment with his fiery personality and equally damaging strikes.

With a nickname like “Money,” Mayweather is a certified magnet when it comes to the big bucks. Over his 19-year boxing career, Mayweather has generated over $1 billion in revenue and built a perfect career at 49-0. But first we should ask ourselves if this fight should really go down.

Let’s say that all the rumors come true and they finally agree to a match. How would they fight? If they take it to the boxing ring, McGregor would be destroyed. The mixed martial artist wouldn’t be able to use his kicks and submissions, and while his strikes may be the baddest in the UFC, they can’t match up to the three-time BWAA Fighter of the Year.

If the two take it to the octagon, then the roles would be reversed. McGregor would be able to use his entire skill set while Mayweather would not be able to keep up at 40.

If this battle does go down, it’ll probably be one of biggest, if not the biggest, financial successes in sports history. However, it could also be marked as another event where fans are disappointed and robbed.