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Restaurant Review: Reborn Coffee



Emily Jacobsson, Editor in Chief

The image of a student sitting in a cozy cafe, armed with a cup of coffee and their laptop to face hours of work, has always seemed like the epitome of productivity to me. With its perfect combination of a modern, sleek feel and comfortable atmosphere, Reborn Coffee is the cafe of every student’s dreams.

Located in a new plaza in Brea, Reborn Coffee is an ideal venue for studying or catching up with friends. The minimalistic decor, consisting mainly of potted plants and earthy-toned furniture, makes for both a soothing atmosphere and an appealing addition to your Instagram feed. The concrete floors and warehouse style ceiling further adds to the modern look of the cafe.

I visited on a Saturday afternoon, and while I expected a crowd, the cafe was not very busy. As I approached the counter to order, the barista immediately greeted me with a smile and explained the drinks patiently and carefully, as I tried to navigate through their unusually named drinks on my first visit.

Reborn’s specialty lies with their Rebornade, flavored sparkling water, and their cold brews. Each of the Rebornades have quirky names that correspond with the benefits of the drinks: You Look Younger, Sunshine Smile, Blooming Beauty and Green Detox.  I tried the Blooming Beauty Rebornade, which had pomegranate, blackberry, lemon zest and rosemary. As a fan of sparkling water, I enjoyed the refreshing and perfectly sweetened drink. However, the flavors were very simple, and I did not feel like the small mason jar serving was giving me my $5 worth.

My friend, who was also there to enjoy the pleasant working atmosphere, ordered their Iced Earl Grey Tea for $3.50. She did not enjoy the drink as there wasn’t much sugar added, and the taste of the tea was extremely strong. Even as someone who appreciates the natural flavors of tea, I thought the drink was a little too bitter.

Though I am not typically a fan of coffee, I had a sample of their Colombian Cold Brew. Although I disliked the drink, I imagine that someone who drinks coffee more than once every few months would be able to enjoy the dark, smooth flavor.

Reborn also sells several pastries, ranging from danishes to macarons, and their special A2 ice cream. The ice cream, which is made from A2 milk, was quite possibly the best soft serve I have ever had. The texture is a little different from typical soft serve, as it could be likened more to frozen milk than the creaminess that soft serve is known for. While that description may not sound entirely appetizing, it was delicious.

The ice cream, topped with yam and beet chips that added a hint of saltiness, was reasonably priced at $3, and I look forward to ordering it upon every visit. Samples for both their soft serve and cold brews are available upon request.

The indoor seating is limited to one long table that can be shared by several smaller parties, and a few more small tables, though there is plenty of additional patio seating. We didn’t have trouble finding a seat, and we settled down at the comfortable sofa and cushioned chairs surrounding the long table.

A nice touch that distinguishes the cafe from being a more hip and expensive Starbucks was that the baristas bring your order over to you when they are ready, allowing you to continue working undisturbed.

The light hum in the cafe created by the sounds of friends catching up, orders being served and drinks being made resulted in a picture perfect setting for ultimate concentration and productivity. Reborn Coffee stands out, not because of its drinks, but because of the staff and the atmosphere.

Although it is a little further of a drive, for the days that I need to sit down and take care of work, while enjoying a small treat, I would consider skipping the local library for Reborn Coffee.

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