New instructional dean named

Justin Prakaiphetkul, Asst. Sports Writer

Diamond Bar High School science teacher Nicole Cabase has been  named as the school’s new instructional dean.

Cabase will join Gabriel Aguilar, Matt Brumett and Whitney Prenger as the fourth dean on campus, beginning her new role at the end of July.

According to Cabase, she will observe teachers, and work with the school’s curriculum, department budgets and district office for her new role

“I am looking forward to working with so many excellent teachers and seeing the great things they are doing in their classrooms,” Cabase said via email.

To become a dean, teachers are required to have an administrative credential and are interviewed by the district’s technical and leadership panel. Afterwards, the candidates interview with the district superintendent, the assistant superintendents and the principal.

Cabase said that she wanted to become  a dean because she would have the opportunity to help shape the school’s future and curriculum.

“I need to see what my departments are doing, talk with teachers and really get a sense of what they like and what they want to work on,” Cabase said.

Cabase has been part of the DBHS staff since 2007 and has taught all levels of biology that are offered at DBHS.

She also served as the department chair of science for the 2015-16 school year and was an interim GLC for the Class of 2017 for the previous school year.  As department chair, she was a parent liaison and helped coordinate AP exams and district communications