Pauline Villegas, A&E Editor

From superhero shows to sci-fi thrillers, Netflix has become the new powerhouse in the television  industry. It began creating original shows in 2013, making the company more than just a carrier for shows and movies. Recently, Netflix has been creating binge-worthy shows of its own. Here are some of my favorite Netflix-produced shows that have received plenty of  buzz and should be added to your “instant queue” immediately.


This is Netflix’s spinoff of the classic sitcom “Full House.”The show follows eldest sister DJ as she raises three boys alone with the help of her sister Stephanie and  best friend Kimmy Gibbler. Each episode will have you feeling a sense of nostalgia, since most feature appearances from the original cast. There are already two seasons uploaded, with a third one on its way.


Set in 1977 New York, “The Get Down” highlights the origins of hip-hop, pop and disco in a time where most of the city faced a serious financial crisis. Starring Justice Smith as the main character, Ezekiel, this show focuses on the struggles of young black America and how they found hope in music.


“Stranger Things” is no stranger to the limelight and has earned itself quite a following. This sci-fi series follows three young boys as they search for their missing friend. Instead, they find a girl named Eleven, who has quickly become a fan favorite throughout the series. The show’s second season will be available on Halloween.


This American remake of the original UK show, “Black Mirror” has become the new age “Twilight Zone,” as each episode carries a different plot with different characters. The show touches on the dangers of technology in the near future and will have you hanging on to the edge of your seat until the very last second of each 42-minute episode.