Longtime Brahmas say goodbye

Moran and Taylor share their thoughts at the end of their last year.

Emily Jacobsson, A&E Editor

For many, retirement is something to look forward to as soon as they begin working. However, for Diamond Bar High School English teacher Joe Moran and GLC Secretary Joanne Taylor, now that retirement will soon become a reality, it is greeted with bittersweet feelings.

Moran is retiring after 30 years working in the Walnut Valley Unified School District. Between his time teaching at DBHS, he participated in Peer Assistance and Review, a program which helped teachers transition between teaching different grade levels. He returned to teach at DBHS after the program ran out of funding and since then has taught every level of English offered by the school.

Though he currently teaches English 1 Honors and AP Language and Composition, Moran has enjoyed teaching all his classes.

“They’re all good classes. It depends on a year to year thing. You get the right chemistry and mix of students, and it seems to fit well,” Moran said.

Besides teaching, Moran has been very involved in the school as a club adviser. During his time at DBHS, he has been the advisor of the Academic Decathlon, Journalism, Interact, Mock Trial, American Cancer Society, Amnesty International and various other clubs.

Working so closely with his students has allowed Moran to develop good relationships with them, and he said that he will miss his students, along with his friends on the staff, when he leaves the school.

“It’s a fun job. The interaction you have with students and that kind of rapport you have with them is a really unique thing, and I don’t think you can find it in any other profession.”

As for the future, Moran has yet to make any specific plans, but is likely to completely disconnect from teaching, aside from the tutoring he currently does, and focus on relaxing.

After 20 years as the GLC Secretary, Taylor is also retiring as she approaches her 60th birthday.

Taylor’s main projects have been organizing the PSAT, College Night and Awards Night.

However, Taylor also redirects students with referrals and assists GLCs and Assistant Principal David Hong.

Taylor looks forward to the future and plans to move with her husband to San Clemente to be closer to family.

She and her husband are also planning to put the RV they bought when her husband first retired to more use.

“Our plan is just to try to do a couple of long trips. Utah is one place we want to get to see, as well as Zion and Bryce. We want to do a little more traveling and to do a little more relaxing,” Taylor says.

However, it is with a heavy heart that she leaves the school, as the staff and students at DBHS have become like family to Taylor.

“I will miss the kids no doubt. They’re what kept me on. They’re what kept me going. I think my favorite thing that I am in life is a mom,” Taylor said. “I only have one child, but I figure I come here and I’ve got over 3000.”