“Live Your Purpose” fall dance concert

Amy Miyahara, Asst. A&E Editor

The Diamond Bar High School dance department was nothing short of fantastic in their first concert of the year, titled “Live Your Purpose.”

The concert, held last Thursday and Friday, started with an energetic performance from the DBHS Dance Company members, entitled “After Hours.” The opening number was followed by multiple student-choreographed smaller ensemble pieces.

In addition to the dance team members, the intermediate and advanced dance ensembles performed.  “Us,” performed by the advanced dance ensemble, was beautifully choreographed to Pink’s most recent song, “What About Us,” while “One of a Kind,” performed by the intermediate dance ensemble, was an upbeat and fun opening to the second act of the show.

Several soloists performed throughout the night, all bringing their unique style to their performances. One standout soloist was junior Isabel Li, whose flawless performance of a traditional Chinese dance, entitled “The Peacock Flying Over,” was complete with a gorgeous costume. In addition, junior Alexie Montoya’s “The Past is Gone” and sophomore Peyton Avery’s “Unknown” allowed both dancers to show off their incredible technique while conveying passion and emotion.

A clear fan-favorite of the night was “K-Pop Dream Part 2,” a continuation of a routine performed at the Spring Dance Concert last school year. The dancers performed to songs by the popular K-pop group BTS with funny acting segments within the routine that made it all the more memorable and entertaining.

Other notable performances were “Oh Yes,” choreographed by junior Grace Chun and set to “Down in New Orleans” from Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog.” The dancers in this piece truly looked like they were enjoying themselves, and this genuine joy spread to the audience. In addition, a duet by sibling duo senior Karissa and freshman Kylie Nguyen, “It’s a Nguyen-Nguyen Situation,” featured creative choreography that perfectly illustrated both the fighting and the friendship that comes with having a sibling.

To finish the night, members from All-Male and the Hip-Hop team performed “King-Kong,” hitting every beat and getting the crowd hyped up, as per usual for the team.