Jack-of-all-trades ending DB stay


Amelie Lee

Security guard Gary Warner has previously worked on the police force and as a detective. In his spare time, he hikes , bikes and flies planes.

Justin Prakaiphetkul, Asst. Sports Editor

When Diamond Bar High School students enter through the main gate every morning, there is one person they are guaranteed to see day in and day out: Campus Security Officer Gary Warner.

During school hours, students only see Warner as a guard patrolling the campus; however behind the security gear, there is much more than meets the eye. In his spare time, Warner enjoys backpacking, photography, flying planes and motorcycling.

 At the end of this school year, Warner will retire from the Diamond Bar High School security staff, which he joined in 2010.

“I’ll miss the students and the people here, but it’s time,” Warner said.

Prior to his time at DBHS, Warner started his own computer electronics business, Warner TV, in 1972. His company fixed electronic equipment, providing service for most of Southern California, along with many major manufacturers. However, Warner sold the company in 2002.

 Not only did Warner own a business, but he also worked in South Pasadena as a police officer for ten years and served for one year in the detective bureau in the burglary division. The security guard worked as an officer and detective from 1981 to 1992, retiring to focus more on his electronic business.

As a detective, Warner investigated burglary calls and followed up on home burglaries.While working as an officer, Warner recalled many incidents that still stick with him to this day, including the time  his partner was shot, but survived. There have also been several instances where Warner thought he would have to use his gun. However, one of the most memorable moments occurred when the man he arrested for burglary returned after serving his term, thanking Warner.

“He went to prison for three and a half years and was released and he actually came back and thanked me.” Warner said. “He said ‘Thank you. It helped me out and set me on the right path.’”

During his free time, Warner often hikes up in the San Gabriel Mountains on weekend trips along the Pacific Crest Trail with three other friends. Other mountains that Warner has climbed include the Eastern Sierra Mountains and Mt. Whitney. Warner took six days to climb Mt. Whitney, as he climbed the back side of the mountain, one of the harder routes according to Warner.

“I [hiked often] up till two years ago, I had to have one of my knees replaced, so that kind of stopped for a while, but I still do it,” Warner said.

While traveling around the country, Warner enjoys taking photos of various landscapes, in places such as the mountains or the desert.

“I took photography in high school and have just kept up with it ever since,” Warner said.

During the summer, Warner and the group that he has biked with for almost five decades partake in long distance motorcycle trips, riding for up to two or three thousand miles across the country at a time. Some of the places Warner has biked to include the Rocky Mountains, New Mexico and Texas.

Outside of biking and taking pictures, Warner also enjoys flying planes, ever since he received his piloting license in 1973. Whenever he has a chance to fly aircraft, Warner goes to a flying club to borrow a plane.

“Recently, if I get two or three flights a year in now, that’s about it, as I have too many things going on,” Warner said.

Warner will soon have more free time on his hand as he enters retirement at the conclusion of the school year. Warner stated that he plans to do a lot more traveling throughout the country in retirement.

During his time working at DBHS, Warner has created bonds with many people on campus.

“The guys on the security staff here: Andy, Harrison and John, and Mr. Foley in photography and Mark Saunders. He used to be the sheriff’s deputy that came in here to pick up our reports and things, so I got to be good friends with him,” Warner said. “I get to meet a lot of people, the students, the parents, the staff.”

Warner will be directing campus traffic for his final time next week.

“My wife and I are going to do a lot of traveling. As soon as I leave here, we’re headed to Mexico, then Ireland, and we may go to Europe,” Warner said.