Halloween apps 2017

Ryan Lam, Contributing Writer

This Halloween, going out with your friends will be more exciting than ever with these apps that can be played on the phone. Whether you are going out during the night, or staying in the comfort of your home, your heart will be racing.

In the new Pokemon Go Halloween event, running from October 20 to November 2, players have a chance to catch generation three exclusive pokemon, such as Sableye and Banette. There will also be a special event Pikachu and an increased chance of finding spooky ghost type pokemon. Players will also be able to earn twice the amount of Pokemon candy when walking with their buddy pokemon and catching new pokemon.

As you enjoy the event tomorrow, make sure you are alert of your surroundings.

If Pokemon Go doesn’t give you enough of a thrill, check out Night Terrors: The Beginning. This augmented reality game is meant to be played in the dark around your house. Spooky visuals appear on your phone screen around corners, accompanied with distorted audio that will make the game feel real. To top it off, the game also sends you eerie texts and pictures straight to your device.

If you want to try something new and get into the Halloween spirit, Night Terrors is a one of a kind experience.