Galindo succeeds Prenger as dean



Julie Galindo succeeds Whitney Prenger as dean of English and Arts.

Brian Chang, News Editor

After years of teaching English to Diamond Bar High School students, Julie Galindo has been selected as the school’s interim Dean of the Arts and English Division.

Just days after school started, it was announced that Whitney Prenger, who served as the department’s dean last year, was leaving DBHS.

Prenger was transferred to Vejar Elementary School to be its interim principal.

District superintendent Robert Taylor then confirmed Galindo as the interim dean.

Galindo had previously told school administrators that she would be interested in the position of dean if the opportunity arose, DBHS principal Reuben Jones said.

Because of this, he nominated her to Taylor as a replacement for Prenger, and Taylor agreed.

Jones said that since it is a temporary position, there was no formal application process.

“Administrators serve at the will of the superintendent, so any administrator can get a job that way and lose a job that way,” Jones said. “In this case, the application wouldn’t happen for an interim position. Typically it’s done in unique, rare circumstances that warrant a quick move of leadership.”

Both Jones and Galindo said Prenger’s departure came as a surprise.

Despite this, the search for replacements for both Prenger and Galindo began the first week of school.

“Teamwork is something where everyone’s roles are well-defined,” Jones said. “There are really talented administrators here at Diamond Bar and at the district office, so when you have really skilled people that do a really good job, you can pick up the slack for other roles.”

Stepping into her new role as dean, Galindo anticipated several differences between being a teacher and an administrator.

“Teachers are able to establish close relationships with students and positively impact lives on a daily basis,” Galindo said via email. “Administrators work to support teachers, students, parents and put systems into place to facilitate relationships. Over the years, I have thought a lot about different opportunities to positively impact students’ lives on a larger scale. One of the ways to do that is through school leadership.”

Kristine Palisoc, Galindo’s student teacher last year, will be taking over her English II Honors and IV Honors classes.

Jones said there will be an application and interview process in the future to decide on whether Palisoc will remain as a full-time teacher.

Galindo will be overseeing the Arts, English and English Language Development sections.

These include the Cheer and Pep Squads, the Wellness Center and the Pathways Academy.

She also directed Back to School Night and will be organizing Open House.

Galindo manages English and Fine and Performing Arts classes as well.

Jones was uncertain as to whether Taylor would implement a full-scale search for a full-time dean.

A list of applicants for the permanent dean position was compiled at the end of the previous school year when biology teacher Nicole Cabase became an instructional dean for STEM, at DBHS.

Jones said that list may also be consulted when selecting Prenger’s permanent replacement.The school’s other deans are Matt Brummett and Gabriel Aguilar.