Freshmen select officers

Sophia Kim, Asst. Web Editor

This year, the elections for the class of 2021 proved to be cutthroat, with run-off votes in nearly every position. After students cast their last final ballots, Daniel Min was elected president and Clarissa Ta vice president with Chris Tran as social chairperson, Philip Ma as secretary and Yolanda Zhang as historian. 

(UPDATE: Around 330 freshmen voted in the first ballot with 313 additional votes in the run-offs.)

Min won in a runoff election against Crystal Tsao. He handed out nearly 400 bubble bottles and made a comical campaigning video with the help of his friends. Min also created a Snapchat geotag to advertise his name quickly. Now as president, he looks forward to continue his positive spirit throughout the year.

“I hope to organize a lot of fun activities for the class of 2021, make fundraisers, hold more activities, choose some nice class colors and increase our school spirit,” Min said.

Vice president winner Ta hung Disney-inspired posters around school and talked to students and friends individually to increase her vote-count. Ta won in a runoff vote against Alexis Martinez.

“I want to get more of my classmates into the school spirit because on decades day, no one in my class really dressed. I want to make them more enthusiastic,” Ta said.

Like the other candidates, Ma also posted on social media and messaged students to gain votes. Ma was part of ASB at Chaparral Middle School and said he hopes to use his experience to set a good example for his peers. Ma won in a runoff vote against Aileen Park.

As social chairperson, Tran stated that this  is his first time holding a leadership role. He hopes to make the most out of his position by promoting an enthusiastic school year. Tran won in a runoff vote against Breanna Yang.

“It feels great [to be elected],” Tran said. “I’m really excited to get into it and see what leadership is. I just hope for everyone to be more involved with school. I really want people to come together as one and just have fun.”

Zhang was the only candidate elected without a runoff vote. She campaigned by painting posters and asking friends to also post her flyers on social media. Zhang stated that she hopes to improve her skills as a historian and be further involved in school events.