Focus set on postseason return

GIRLS TENNIS Goals are at a high after reaching the third round of CIF.



Senior Amy Xia rallies in DB’s first match of the year against El Dorado.

Justin Prakaiphetkul, Asst. Sports Editor

After breaking their two year CIF playoff drought last year, the Diamond Bar girls tennis team enters the new season with high expectations once again.

“I’m hoping that the girls and I will be able to use [last year’s] win [to] motivate us to do well again,” head coach Alexis Feix said.

Last year, the team ended with a 6-4 record, finishing third in the Palomares League by winning four out of their last five games.

In preparation for this season, not only did the girls focus on conditioning, but the team also adopted a new approach to the way they practice. The team has cut down on match-play during practices in order to put more emphasis on drills. Feix hopes the strategy will  improve deficiencies in serves, volleys and overheads.

“We really have worked on tightening up our practice schedule, making sure that everything we do is deliberate and purposeful,” Feix said. “We’ve really amped up working those skills.”

Senior Casey Mach said that Feix also has dedicated her time to help doubles players become consistent in working together and with perfecting volleys and overheads.

The Lady Brahmas also strengthened their overall team mentality, a goal of Feix’s heading into the new year. Feix cites the entire team’s effort as the reason for an improved mental approach to the game.

“We all got a lot closer this year, so I think as a whole, we’ll be much more cooperative,” Mach said.

Considering the tough competition with other schools, Feix said she believes that the team can finish at least second in league, thus qualifying for CIF in the process. A team that Feix looks forward to facing is Glendora. Last year, DB lost both of their matchups against the Lady Tartans by four points or less.

“Winning would show that we have grown…I’m hoping that we’ll be able to get the win at least once against Glendora,” Feix said.

Even though the team will aim for CIF playoffs, Feix remains adamant that winning isn’t everything.

“I want the girls to feel successful, whether we’re winning or we’re [losing a close game], that’s still success, and we can build on that,” Feix said.

Due to extreme weather, the girls’ first preseason game was delayed. The team played their second preseason game yesterday against Wilson.