DBHS names Top 10 for each class

Stuart Kusdono, Asst. Opinion Editor

Forty congratulatory letters and colored balloons were distributed the week before Academic Week, signifying the recognition of the Top 10 students of each year’s class.

“[The students] were evaluated objectively by their activities, grades, classes, extracurriculars, awards, teacher recommendations and question responses…I would say it was a very rigorous process,” USB academic commissioner Meghan Shen said.

Applicants needed a minimum of two teacher recommendations, which were evaluated closely. The response questions included the reason the student was applying and what decade the student would choose to live in.

“The questions were meaningful and allowed me to express myself,” senior Claire Medina said.

According to Shen, the commissioners looked for a good balance between academics and extracurriculars in students. In addition, GLCs were consulted to clarify any aspect of a student’s application.

Top 10 students celebrated their accomplishment with a luncheon and participated in a lunch activity in which representatives from each class competed with each other to pop the opponent’s balloons tied around their ankles. In addition, Top 10 students were recognized during the Spring Sports rally.

“I feel really honored to be selected as one of candidates,” Medina said. “I was scared that I wouldn’t get it because of all the competition at our school. To be recognized as one of the top 10 students at DB is a great accomplishment.”