Choir Throws it Back to the 70’s

Christina Liu , Staff Writer

The Diamond Bar High School Choir spring concert showcased nostalgic songs of the 70’s, bringing back disco music and soft rock, while embodying the abstract fashion of the era.

The spring concert held on May 4-5 began with the mesmerizing piece “Hold Me, Rock Me” by Brian Tate sung by the chamber choir. Following were the soothing tones of “Esto Les Digo” and “El Grillo,” enthralling the audience with deep and gentle sounds.

With the lights dimmed, Solitaire girls Hannah Prince and Taylor Moore performed a duet of “Dream On” by Aerosmith, each accenting the other beautifully with Prince’s full sound and Moore’s rich voice. They then opened the curtains to present Diamondtones in their bright red vests and dresses. Jumping into upbeat and catchy tunes, the group quickly had the audience clapping and moving their heads to the beat.  

During the transition between Diamondtones and Solitaire, the Marquis boys had a comedic duet on David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” that had the audience cracking up as they executed clever choreography, mirroring each other’s movements.

Next, the Solitaire girls took the stage. In the accompaniment of “Somebody to Love,” a memorable soloist was Prince as her brimming voice filled the stage. Solitaire then toned it down with the memorable Disney song “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.”

After a short intermission, Chamber Choir started the second half dressed up in 70’s fashion. They brought back tacky sunglasses, tie dye shirts and bright headbands. After singing “Listen to the Music,” Chamber Choir was joined by Diamondtones, Solitaire and Marquis to sing “I Got the Music in Me.”

A notable trio was Katelyn Contreras, Alleigh Butler and Anali Chauhan as they joined together to sing “Killing Me Softly,” with each displaying their ability to nuance their voices and harmonize beautifully. As the concert progressed, all the boys joined together, donned in untucked shirts and colorful ties, to sing “Old Time Rock and Roll.”

In “I Will Survive” Stephanie Tang’s smoky voice suited the song perfectly as she was accompanied by the other Solitaire girls.

To finish the night, Chamber, Diamondtones, Solitaire and Marquis regrouped on stage to sing “We Are Family” before being joined by Marquis boys for the final song “YMCA.”

“I think the one that was most fun for all of us were the opening and the closing numbers because that when you have everyone onstage together,” president of the choir department, Jodie Lu said. “For us to be able to sing all together and to hear that ring through the theatre, that’s just a huge energy boost for all of us.”