Brahma football coach resigns after one season

Ryan Chae, Sports Editor

Six weeks after the end of the football season, Diamond Bar High School football coach Kevin Argumosa has announced his resignation after just one year with the program.

“It was something I just had to do. I’m working on my masters and credentials program [at the University of Redlands]. It’s tough to balance everything, and I have a wife and kids. It was a hard decision, but it was the decision I had to make,” Argumosa said.  

In Argumosa’s lone season with the Brahmas, the team went 0-10. Hired in April after the resignation of coach Marcus Hughes, Argumosa was the defensive coordinator for a Los Altos football team that posted a 13-1 record in 2016.

Until a new head coach is selected by the department, Athletic Director Albert Lim will oversee the football program. Lim will supervise and lead the strength and conditioning preparation for next season while also implementing a leadership course to put players on the right track and set goals.

In the search for the next head coach, Lim is looking for a candidate who is a leader with a “clear vision and clear foundation that will drive” the players.

“We’re trying to look for someone who can provide a consistency because it takes time to develop athletes. It takes time to change cultures,” Lim said. “We have to go out there and find the right person that will stay here for the long haul and understand that it’s all about the process rather than just the outcomes.”

The new football coach will be the Brahma’s fourth in six years.