Blue team swamps competition



Senior Zack Marin competed for the blue team in the sponge relay as a part of Rainbow Races in the ampitheater during lunch on Oct. 24.

Ingrid Chan, Asst. Photo Editor

Students recently raced down the memory lane after experiencing the first ever Diamond Bar High School Rainbow Races. An activity normally associated with elementary and middle schools, this nostalgic event was brought back by USB two weeks ago.

Of the six teams participating, Blue team was the ultimate winner with a total of 20 points, securing the prized Knott’s Scary Farm tickets. The Blue team winners included seniors Luca Kayahara, Rene Aguilera, Howard Yoo, Kyle Rojas, Zack Marin, Rich Tan, Mark Gomar, Leo Mireles, Robert Fernandez and Jovan Thompson.

“We’re all pretty close so we wanted to go to Knott’s Scary Farm as our own little group,” Gomar said. “We kind of already knew we were going to win since we were in the lead the entire time.”

 USB members senior Winston Wang and junior Sydney Holler came up with the idea of bringing Rainbow Races to DBHS. The two were inspired to do so because they remembered how fun it was in in the past and figured that other people would be glad to see it return.

“It was stressful planning a completely new event,” Holler said. “But it was definitely worth it to see how excited to participate students were and how much fun they ended up having.”

Sign-ups were based on a first-come-first-serve policy, with six teams of 10 students selected. Rainbow Races were held in the amphitheater on Oct. 23, 24 and 27.

On the first day, participants ran across the turf transporting water in small cups, which they poured into buckets. Team members ran back and forth until the bucket was filled. They then attempted to pass eggs from teammate to teammate without dropping any. Blue team placed first, Green team placed second and Orange team third.  

For capture the flag the following day, participants were divided into two groups of three teams each. Both teams won one round, and the third round ended in a draw due to time constraints.

The third event, dodgeball, saw the Blue and Orange teams participating in the semifinals since they had accumulated the most points over the course of the competition. The other teams faced off for a chance to move on to the semifinal round against those teams. The blue team ultimately won.

“We went to Knott’s the day after we got the tickets,” Yoo said. “Rainbow Races was really fun, and since I’m a senior this year, I want to do as much as I can before graduating. So if USB has any other events, I’ll definitely be joining.”