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Beware of refugees, drugs and single adults

Megan Lee

Megan Lee

Amelie Lee, Asst. Feature Editor

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Recently, Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell proposed that all single adults be banned from parks or playgrounds frequented by children.

Living in a middle-class household in a first-world country, I, like Mr. O’Farrell, live in perpetual fear of everything around me. The consistent stability of my life leaves me longing for stricter laws that limit large groups of people around me.

Barring all adults from playgrounds, no matter what their behavior, is a clearly logical way to protect our children from criminal activity, in the fear of the obvious risk of exposing our children to corrupt single adults.

After all, it is doubtful that any single adult would ever want to visit a public area, such as a playground, for any reason other than harmful drug use, pedophilia and intent to hurt others.

By issuing this well-thought out policy to limit everyone except adults with children from entering an area, we are safe from even the slightest possibility of crime.

By basing laws on easy generalizations and fear of arbitrary future threats, society paves the way for even more efficient legislation in the future.

Statistics show that the highest percentage of drug abusers are people from ages 18-25. With the sound reliability of fear-based logic, society should choose to quarantine all people who fall in this age range; thus solving the epidemic of drug abuse.

Drugs are not the only thing that can be solved with this fear-focused mindset. High schoolers are subject to high levels of stress and anxiety on a daily basis.

In fear that this may harm them, school boards should reduce the rigor of classwork and homework, thereby reducing the levels of stress and benefiting students.  

Similarly, as our country faces endless debate on refugee and immigration policies, I think there is no better solution than to completely give into suspicion and panic.

To be safe, we should assume that every person who wants to enter our country must be a terrorist and have the insatiable urge to steal our jobs and money.

Any logical or persuasive reasons Syrian refugees or Mexican immigrants have for coming into our country can immediately be shutdown to ensure that our country is free from possibilities of anything negative ever happening.

Looking for the worst in people and stereotyping large groups is exactly the type of basis legislation should revolve around.

Fear-mongering the public into implementing laws that preemptively prevent worst case scenarios allows every person to live happily, in constant confidence that every possibility of danger has been eliminated.

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Beware of refugees, drugs and single adults