Top students announced


Michelle Ki , Feature Editor

Every year, out of a sea of students at Diamond Bar High School, USB chooses 10 from each class  to recognize for their outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements.  Those selected will be honored during  Academic Week, April 11-15.

“The Top 10 students were chosen based on how well rounded they are. Not only are they academically setting the bar for their grade, they are also highly involved extracurriculars inside and outside of school,” Taylor Lee, United Student Body Commissioner of Academics, said via Facebook.

USB will provide a special lunchtime activity and a Top 10 shirt during Academic Week for the selected students. They will be featured at the Spring Sports Rally on April 15.

All Top 10 hopefuls were required to fill out a nine-question application, which included their class schedule, first semester transcript, a minimum of one teacher recommendation, and a list of their current extracurricular activities.

“The Top 10 are the [students] who can juggle their academic responsibilities along with club leadership responsibilities,” Lee wrote on Facebook.

Amidst the application process, USB commissioners ran into a problem, as there were not enough senior applicants to fill out the  list.

“By the due date, we needed one more senior because originally only nine applied. So what I decided was to extend the due date to turn in Top 10 apps for seniors. In the end, there was a sufficient amount of senior applicants,” Lee said.

For some, being in Top 10 is a representation of years of work.

“I wanted to apply for Top 10 because I was the academics commissioner last year. Even though I’m no longer in USB, I thought it would be an honor to carry on the Top 10 tradition at DBHS,” senior Kylie Choi said.