Looking toward championships

GOLF: Despite the loss of several seniors, the Brahmas remain strong on the green, averaging 200 per competition through balance and teamwork.

Gaby Dinh, Web Editor

The Diamond Bar High School boys varsity golf team remains undefeated in its attempt to once again become Palomares League champions and regain the Knabe Cup.

Currently, the top three teams in the league are Diamond Bar, Bonita, and Glendora. The Brahmas won both crucial home and away games against Bonita.

“On the road, golf is really hard to win in someone’s house because the greens are so fussy. You go in there kind of blind,” head coach Tony McCabe said. “We expected to lose because Bonita is maybe even better than us, but it was a close game.”

They first beat Bonita with a win of 201-212 on March 22 at home and then again away on March 24 at Marshall Canyon, which was the team’s best match of the year, according to McCabe.

The team often averages around 200, but at Marshall Canyon the team shot a 192 against a 195.

“It was kind of an upset but we took control and now we’ve stayed undefeated,” McCabe said. “[It’s] not that the other teams are bad but their golf is pretty mathematical. We average 200. That’s just too much mathematics for [the other teams] to overcome unless we play bad.”

The most consistent player on the team has been senior captain Joshua Song, who typically leads the team with sophomore Thomas Lee. Senior Dylan Stone, who recently returned from a wrist injury, is also a standout player, averaging 38 for 9 holes, and finishing with a score of 37 against Bonita. Freshmen Sam Cho and Brian Chiu have also showed much promise, according to McCabe.

“This season was better than I expected due to our loss of four seniors last year, but we are just as good as them,” Song said. “We have a younger team, with high potential to play against everyone and play well.”

Compared to last year, McCabe says that this year’s team plays together. In addition to this change, he also rearranged partners by putting his best two players out at front.

“People sometimes split up their best guys. My strategy that seems to work for both boys and girls is that I want my first group to have the lead when they’re done with their 9 holes,” McCabe said. “I always like to have seniors in the last group. At least one senior, because when you come in at the match, the whole match is on the line.”

They will be competing against Glendora on April 27 and 28.

“Our team’s pretty balanced. They’re all averaging around the same so we’re not taking anything for granted. We won a big match when we beat Bonita at Bonita’s golf course.”

The team will compete today in the Knabe Cup and play another match against Wilson tomorrow, after their first match yesterday.

“The Knabe Cup is one of our biggest tournaments this season and we hope to win it again,” Song said.