In Her Glory Days: Alexis Feix


Calvin Ru, Photo Editor

One of Diamond Bar High School’s new English teachers, Alexis Feix, has never been one to shy away from athletics. Despite her current position as head coach for girls tennis, Feix started off her athletic career playing soccer.

From a young age, Feix played soccer in organizations such as AYSO and Spring Select, an AYSO program where coaches managed the team and competitions rather than the AYSO commissioner.

Additionally, Feix also participated in basketball. She stood five feet six inches when she was ten years old. She said she was never able to click with the sport as she lacked the right skills. Eventually, Feix settled on playing tennis.

“One of the things I love about tennis is that it’s an individual sport. I like that it’s just me on the court and I am one hundred percent responsible for what happens out there,” Feix said.

Feix made the switch from soccer to tennis toward the end of middle school, influenced by her father who also played the sport. Feix’s father was her coach for two years as she entered Ayala High School’s varsity tennis team as a freshman in Doubles 1. She followed her father’s footsteps sophomore year, coaching and training athletes at Tennis Anyone, an organization dedicated to develop individuals’ skills. Entering her junior year, Feix trained with a professional coach, Steve Starleaf, who helped her adjust her form and power.

As a junior, Feix advanced into the team CIF with her partner, beating Beverly Hills High School’s Doubles 3 and Doubles 2 before facing the school’s Doubles 1. Feix and her partner were able to win in a tiebreaker, with the final point resulting in the ball bouncing off Feix’s racquet, rolling over the top of the net, and dropping on the opponent’s side, Feix remembered.

“Although we didn’t win as a team, [my partner and I] won all three of our matches, so that was a really good moment for us,” Feix said.

Feix was unable to continue after high school due to a disease, which caused inflammation in the bones, tendons, or cartilage and caused pain and numbness in her knee. The constant pounding on the pavement aggravated Feix’s joints and caused her knees to become excessively swollen, making it difficult for her to walk the next day.

Going into college, Feix continued to play tennis recreationally, but could not participate in professional games because of her knee.

Right out of San Diego State University, Feix was offered the coaching position at Diamond Bar High School to fill the spot for retired coach Tisa Shavers.

Feix is currently finishing her masters degree in education at the University of Redlands.