Five DBHS students rewarded for service

Girl’s League distributes the club’s annual merit scholarship awards to select DBHS students

Stuart Kusdono, Asst. Opinion Editor

Over the past 15 years, Girls League has been granting scholarships to graduating seniors, having given over $17,000.

This year, the club added $1200 to that amount, awarding seniors Garrett Masuda and Kathy Tong with $500 each and Katie Desmond and Alexandra Ornelas with $100 each.

“The Girls League Merit Scholarship Award was started by myself and I felt compassionate about giving money to students because I received scholarships when I was in college and I greatly appreciated them,” club advisor Lisa Pacheco said.

The scholarship is funded by toy and food sales and other means, and is given to students who have been actively involved in community service throughout their high school years.

Additionally, students must undergo an application process, which involves writing essay and being interviewed.

“We interview them  before a panel of Girls Leagues officers, members, and myself,” Pacheco said, “We put them on the hot seat and we grill them and ask them questions and then we rank them based on their answers.”

Applicants are given a score from one to five based on the quality and sincerity of the responses. The scores are then added up to determine the winners.

Masuda was able to stand out with his active involvement in various clubs. Examples include being the chairman of DB4Youth, co-president of CSF, co-president of Easter Seals, and founder of Stomp Out Hunger.

In addition, he plans on joining service clubs in college that appeal to him once he has settled into his college life.

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure that I would win the award. I knew I had a good chance, but I also knew that the other applicants are just as highly qualified,” Masuda said. “I was very happy and humbled when I heard that I won. I have to thank Girls League for offering this scholarship and taking time to consider me as an applicant.”