DBHS goes for the gold

Angela Yang , Asst. News Editor

Year after year, Diamond Bar High School has been branded a gold medal high school, and it continues to keep the streak, with the school once again placing as one of the best in the country. DBHS was ranked no. 51 in the state and no. 338 in the nation by the US News & World Report last month.

The gold medal status school also placed 60th in the Magnet Rank, based on its appeal to other talented students, and 98th in the STEM Rank, which looks at a school’s proficiency in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. As a result of these statistics, DBHS currently holds a position in the top two percent of high schools in the nation out of 30,000 schools.

Schools throughout the country are analyzed each year by U.S. World and News Report, a website specializing in rankings on education, politics, and economics, in collaboration with RTI International, a non-profit organization. The top schools are then compiled into the annual list of best high schools.

A school’s enrollment rate, location, demographics and whether it’s a public or charter school are all factors. Results of state assessments and AP and IB test scores are also taken into consideration. For the first time this year, however, graduation rates were also a factor.