DB students help promote respect

The wellness center set up lunch activities with peer counseling for students.


Bernard Chen, Editor-in-Chief

In an effort to heighten awareness about issues that Diamond Bar High School students face and  stress the importance of respect on campus, the Wellness Center and Peer Counseling have teamed with several other school organizations to host this week’s Respect Matters Campaign.

Activities were held in the upper quad during lunch to tackle cultural awareness, mental illnesses and gender roles Monday through Wednesday, respectively. Today, there are activities targeting issues about the environment and self-respect.

Initially inspired by topics brought to light at DB Forum, Wellness Center coordinator Sandy Davis worked with 10 student organizations to plan the weeklong event. Groups represented at the various activities include Best Buddies, Brahma Cinematics, Girl Up, Girl’s League, HOSA, the LINC, Interact, USB, Football and the Muslim Student Association.

“I truly believe that we shouldn’t put a ceiling on kids because this is normally something more sophisticated that you would see on a college campus,” Davis said. “But I think that the students here at DBHS can lift off that ceiling.”

Throughout the week, the Respect Matters committee set up clotheslines for their “Air Your Dirty Laundry” event. The activity highlighted positive and negative perspectives on certain issues. Students were encouraged to provide notes on issues that cause them to be upset and take a positive spin on those comments or actions. Meaningful entries were displayed during the campaign.

On Monday, students were taught to tie a hijab, use chopsticks and discourage the use of racial slurs.

“ MSA [is] very involved in wanting to make sure that students understand that the hijab is not symbolic of oppression but actually that it’s a woman’s choice in America …hopefully [we] break down those barriers and misunderstandings,” Davis said.

To combat stigmas against mental illnesses, activities discussed the use of the “R” word as well as the excessive use of the phrases “kill yourself” and “kill myself” on campus. Valenta Clinics, which participated in the opening of the Wellness Center, was also invited.

Gender role awareness was highlighted by looking at the perceptions placed upon each sex. At the event, boys were encouraged to try on makeup while girls were given an opportunity to play football, hosted by DB’s team. Heels were also provided for Brahmas to try.

To wrap up the campaign, Respect Matters Week is looking at self-respect and nature today. Students can write post-it notes as well as shoot recyclables into a bin. Therapy dogs are on campus for students to de-stress.