Dance expresses their art on canvas

Pauline Villegas , A&E Editor

With summer around the corner and finals almost here, DBHS Dance Company decided to motivate students by showcasing their artistic abilities in the last dance concert of the year. Their annual spring concert, themed “Canvas,” was held on May 12-13 in the theater.

Throughout the night, students from the DBHS Dance Company, Advanced and Intermediate Ensemble, and Beginning Dance showcased their talent in routines that were self-choreographed by many of the dancers themselves.

To open the show, Dance Team seniors performed a soulful dance titled “One Last Time.” This performance, choreographed by seniors Mckenna Acciani, Nicole Chang, Shani Chen and Melissa Lee, allowed the dancers to exhibit their skills with technical choreography.

In Act One, pieces such as “Pass the Torch” and “Dream Catcher” caught the audience’s attention with sharp choreography and music that perfectly matched the serious tone of the performances.

The Coed Hip-Hop competition team performed their piece “Weight in Gold” to open up the second act of the night. This performance reintroduced the energy that had dimmed down after the short intermission. Next, Jonathan Estrada and Avery Maroj, enchanted the crowd with a moving self-choreographed piece titled “Falling.” With hypnotizing movements and theme-appropriate costumes, this dance was easily one of the most impressive of the night.

As the concert came to a close, the performances became more uplifting and energizing. In one of the closing numbers, “Goodbye,” members of the dance company brought the show to a finale.

In the last dance of the night, titled “Acapella,” the much loved All Male Dance Crew closed the show with an exciting number that left the crowd wanting more. After the finale, all of the dancers came out for a final bow as the seniors waved goodbye to their last dance concert at DBHS.