Choir, ‘Like, Totally,’ Brings Back 80’s

Emily Jacobsson, A&E Editor

With the end of another school year approaching and seniors preparing to graduate, going back in time is a popular wish. During Choir Department’s final concert on May 5-6, Marquis, Solitaire, Chamber, and Diamond Tones granted this wish, bringing the audience back to the 1980’s.

The concert began with a soulful solo of “Out Here on My Own,” performed by junior Allyson Cantimbuhan. As Cantimbuhan held her final note, the stage was flooded with the bright, neon colors of Chamber. As a deviation from their usual classical singing, they began their set with “The Best of Times,” which led into the other choirs joining them on stage for “Walking on Sunshine.”

A series of upbeat medleys followed, performed by the individual choirs. With the mood set and the audience in high spirits, several soloists performed. Most notable were senior Nicholas Zhou with “Faith” and sophomore Katelyn Duenas singing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Duenas’ smooth voice fit the song perfectly, and her relaxing solo was much appreciated by the anxious AP students in the audience.

Solitaire and the girls of Diamond Tones joined together for a performance of “Material Girl.” Immediately following was a mashup of “Flashdance” and “Fame” performed by Chamber and Marquis.

The performances from the four groups were a true testimony to the show choirs’ excellence, also seen through their multiple awards from their national competition last month.

Slower, heartfelt solos followed, including sophomore Larry Chen with “Every Breath You Take,” and sophomore Emily Tran’s performance of “Eternal Flame.” Chamber and Marquis returned to stage shortly after to lift the mood again, with a feel-good performance of “Comin’ to America.” The girls of Marquis and Diamond Tones then took the stage to perform “Mickey,” which possibly had the best choreography of the night.

The boys from all the choirs came together in their performance of “Crazy Little Thing Called Loved,” and then cleared the stage for the girls who sang “Always Something There to Remind Me.” Both performances were playful and had the audience bobbing their heads to the beat.

After several more solos, the finale began with “Enough is Enough,” sung by Solitaire and the girls of Marquis. All the choirs returned to the stage again for the last song of the 80’s theme, “Shake Your Groove Thing.”

After cheers from the audience, the underclassmen faded into the background as the seniors stepped forward to sing “In My Life,” an annual tradition for choir. With teary-eyed smiles, the seniors ended their final concert with a bang.