Brahmas on Beat


Pauline Villegas , Asst. A&E Editor

Awesomeness TV’s newest docu-series, “Brahma Beat,” takes you inside what it’s like to dance like a Brahma. Five-time National Champion dance team, All Male, is proving that they are working hard to stay on top through the new series, featured on YouTube.  

The episodes air weekly on the channel, and can be viewed from the school’s website, showcasing the many preparations that go into competing as a high school dance team. The first episode aired Jan. 10, and introduced the audience to some members of the team, as well as head coach, Jeff Calimbas.

A producer from the YouTube channel contacted Calimbus because she had seen some All Male  performances online. The team was also recommended word-to-mouth by other viewers. After speaking over the phone, the producer got approval for six episodes. If all goes well, the team will be featured in six more episodes.

In the show, the coach talks about the measures he takes in order to prepare the boys for their weekly competitions. Calimbas has been with the team for many years now, and has coached them through their last five national consecutive wins.

Some of the team members are interviewed about their experiences on the team, and their background with dancing,  explaining the amount of commitment it takes to be on such a disciplined team, and the upcoming challenges they expect to face.

“There is a lot of pressure to match our predecessors. Each and every year we have so many teams trying to get that first place championship out of our hands,” head captain Jason Lin said in the show.  Based on the prior team’s track record, the new All Male team has big shoes to fill.

Calimbus tells viewers that every year the team chooses a theme that they stick to throughout all of competition season.

These themes allow the team to maintain a certain type of dance and stagecraft in order to perfect the quality of it, which is what sets Diamond Bar apart from all the other high school dance programs, he explains.  

“I think it’s great for the boys and the school. It shows how talented they are and how hard they work each and every single day. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and it’s nice to get recognized for it,” said Calimbus via Facebook.

The show previews all of the preparations the team is taking before nationals.

“The only bad part is they are giving all of our secrets away,” said Calimbus via Facebook.