Brahmas lose to Mustangs in staff game

In a staff basketball game against Walnut tonight, Diamond Bar lost 59-45.

Catherine Zhang, Feature Editor

Trading their lectures, Power Points and Scantrons for free throws, three-pointers and layups, 17  Diamond Bar High School staff members participated in a friendly basketball match, aptly named “Branding Iron 2,” against their Mustang counterparts on Thursday  at Walnut High School’s gym.

The DBHS team comprised of faculty members, ranging from teachers to coaches to Principal Reuben Jones, all giving their all for what was dubbed “the Baller’s Cup.” Proceeds from ticket sales  went to support Walnut Valley Unified School District’s athletics.

The competition was coordinated by science teacher Chris Holmes, who sent out staff emails and organized the sale of the tickets.

History teacher Ty Watkins served as one of the coaches for the DBHS team and looked to develop efficient teamwork with his fellow colleagues while entertaining students.

“Working with people you like being around is really important. You work with these people for many years, and you want to be able to go to work and enjoy your colleagues. Let the kids have fun and laugh at their teachers, and see how some of us are good athletes,” Watkins said.

Prior to the match, a few  of the Brahmas met up  to practice; however, the game was the first time the whole team competed together.

Although the DBHS team held a close match for the first three quarters, they lost 59-45.

“Even though we lost, our students cheered for us. When it was over, they came down and congratulated us. They were so excited to be here to cheer for us, regardless if we won or lost,” Holmes said.

Although this is the first match against Walnut’s faculty members, Holmes is planning on holding  the game again next year, this time at DBHS.

“I liked all the students who were here to support the teachers, and how the teachers were so connected to their students that they wanted to be here,” Holmes said. “We talked the whole time about having a great time with our students and showing them that we can be more than just teachers in a classroom.”