A guide to Valentine’s Day

Vrinda Chauhan and Cindy Liu

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, some Diamond Bar High School teachers have their own special plans for the holiday with their loved ones.

Teachers Jon Hurst and Emily Clark are just two of millions of people making an effort to do something unique in a time where mass produced greeting cards and gifts are taking over.

With some well-thought out ideas, even a small gesture can be a refreshing break from the monotony of store bought gifts.

Hurst, a Civics and Economics teacher, recently proposed to his girlfriend during winter break at the      Orange Circle, surrounded by Christmas trees and lights.

For Valentine’s Day, he plans to take her on a trip to Catalina, their favorite place to go on vacation. In addition to trying out the island delicacies, the couple will go snorkeling and fishing.

AP Euro teacher Clark will celebrate her 10th anniversary on Valentine’s Day. Coincidentally, her husband also proposed to her at the Orange Circle a decade ago. As they do every year, they will eat at a restaurant and revisit their engagement site.

Instead of following the overused cliche of chocolates and roses, more creative ideas will give a much needed breath of fresh air to Valentine’s Day.

An alternative to visiting the same restaurant every year  is having a picnic. Couples can try an indoor Valentine’s Day themed  picnic.

Simply spread out a blanket in the living room or bedroom and prepare a movie and some snacks to munch on.

Indoor picnics are relatively easy to prepare without the hassle of outdoor worries. Surprise your beloved with a trail of chocolate Kisses or a treasure hunt with various clues and riddles leading to the picnic.

Another activity couples can enjoy on this holiday is visiting an art museum. The Norton Simon Museum is located in Pasadena if you are more interested in fine art.

This museum has a lovely small cafe near its sculpture garden, and admission is just $12 for students. The Broad, in downtown Los Angeles, is also a nice museum for couples, and features more contemporary art, including Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Room, which is an enchanting room covered with colorful fairy lights and mirrors. Both locations are near nice dinner spots, making it perfect for a quiet night out.

Conversely, if you prefer to opt for a more local option, Brea downtown is a very bustling spot. Even a traditional dinner-and-a-movie is romantic there.

The dinner options are vast, ranging from the casual such as Elbows Macaroni and Cheese, to fancier restaurants, such as Yard House.

There is a sweet little cafe nearby called Crepes de Paris which makes for a more intimate dessert experience. Edwards Theater is also nearby, so you can complete the traditional date with February’s new releases, such as “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” or “Deadpool.”

If all else fails, Disneyland and Downtown Disney are both popular spots for Diamond Bar students. This comes as no surprise, as the location features various restaurants and attractions that truly make it the happiest place in the world.

What better way to show your special someone how you feel than take them to the spot that is sure to bring a smile to their face? One simply cannot go wrong with Disneyland.