A grinding problem

Michelle Ki , Editor-in-Chief

Every generation has its own innovation of “freak dancing”: the bump in the 70s, the electric slide in the 90s and now, grinding.

Any high school student who has ever attended a school dance must have witnessed at one point girls propped over in a demeaning, sexual manner, “dancing” on their dates. Yes, “on” not “with” their dates.

The longing to fit in and avoid conflict is powerful among teenagers. Yet expressing opposition to grinding is as difficult for students as it is for teachers and administrators.

The objectification of girls and the overly sexualized nature of grinding is inherently repulsive. Though if grinding is your way of relieving stress and having fun, continue to do so. However, the problem lies in the fact that many girls are feeling obligated to grind as their dates “expect” these things.

On the other hand, the school administration is up against a dominant trend in modern culture. Grinding may also seem moderate in comparison to the lyrics in modern rap music. In today’s society,   modesty is fleeting and so is the connection between sex, love and compassion. Any form of sexual mystery, intimacy and privacy is rare, especially between  high school teens. Grinding is unequivocal rather than suggestive. It’s anonymous rather than personal. It reflects the objectification of girls and forces them to play submissive roles.

Teens state that grinding is innocuous: nobody gets pregnant or contracts a sexually transmitted disease. But sexuality is about more than just bodies; it’s about emotions, identity and values.

Though the main problem with grinding at dances is not necessarily the grinding itself. The main and real problem lies in the fact that many teen boys are expecting to be “grinded on” in return for buying their date a ticket. As a result, many girls feel pressured and ultimately do partake in this activity.

Educators may very well ban grinding at school dances, enforcing an abstinence only type of policy. However, this policy shouldn’t be a breath of relief for certain female students. All female students should be able to say “no” to anything and anyone.

To the boys, what ever happened to making eye contact with your date and actually dancing with your companion?

To all the girls who ever felt pressured to participate in anything sexual, respect yourselves and your bodies and act accordingly to only what you are truly comfortable with and believe in.