Thundering Herd marches on as champs

DBHS marching band takes sweepstakes at final two competitions.

Hannah Lee, Asst. News Editor

The Thundering Herd finished the season off by emerging as champions of their last competitions and managed to keep their undefeated title for two consecutive years. The Diamond Bar High School marching band claimed top titles in all divisions at its most recent competition on Nov. 14 at Chula Vista Bayfront and at the Arcadia Championship Competition on Nov. 21, claiming overall sweepstakes at both competitions.

During the Chula Vista Bayfront Band Review, the band scored 94.40 points, auxiliary scored 94.35 points, drum major scored 91.00 points, and the team received 479.0 points in high music. The Thundering Herd received 482.5 points in music, 283.5 points in showmanship, 96.20 points for auxiliary, 96.20 for band, and 95.00 for drum major at Arcadia.

For the past few weeks, members have been especially focused on their showmanship and music, factors that contributed to their success at the past two competitions. Their diligent practices have also allowed the Thundering Herd to maintain its high scores in these categories from previous band reviews.

“From practicing by balancing books on our heads to having regular sectionals, we improved our overall look and marching score this week,” band President Veda Patel said via Facebook.

However, the location of the Chula Vista Bayfront Band Review presented an issue for the team. Being one of the larger bands present at the competition, the team was forced to merge lines, as the judges were set up on the sides of the street for this particular competition. Although they encountered this sudden obstacle, team members reported that they were able to adapt quickly to the spacing and managed to deliver a smooth performance.

“Through all of the time, sweat, and tears we have put in the past couple months, we have come together as family and built an unforgettable bond. I wish no more of us than to give an amazing Diamond Bar performance, regardless the scores,” Patel said.