The search for a new successor


Yusheng Xia, Editor in Chief

Following Catherine Real’s departure as principal of Diamond Bar High School, former principal Denis Paul has taken on the position as interim principal as the school takes in job applications from people all around the country.

DBHS released the job offering on Edjoin, the nation’s number one education job board, after Real officially resigned on Aug. 25. The period for applications stays open until Oct. 1.

Applicants for the DBHS Principal position submit all their applications, recommendations, and resumes onto the site, where then the district conducts a background check on the applicants in order to see if they have the right credentials and a solid history to be eligible for the position.

Afterwards, the district office sets up two interview panels, one in charge of interpersonal skills related to the characteristics and qualities of the applicant and the other in charge of technical skills related to the applicant’s knowledge on how to run a school. The two panels meet following the interview to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each applicant before ranking them in an order of proficiency for the job.

The top candidates for the job will then move on to the district superintendent and cabinet for a second interview.

The total process from when the application closes on Edjoin to when the final decision of which candidate becomes principal is expected to take a few months.