The Moves and Melodies of DBHS

Pauline Villegas, Asst, A&E Editor

Put away all your winter clothes and take out your bathing suits because the Diamond Bar High School Choir and Dance Departments have brought in the heat.

The final choir concert was held on May 7 and 8 in the DBHS Theatre, and included a number of summer themed songs and show-stopping numbers. Performances were made by the Chamber Singers, the Diamondtones, Solitaire, and Marquis, who all performed the song “Summertime is Here,” to kick off the show.

Each song had its own vibe, from the cheerful solo “Kokomo,” sung by Kassie Craft, to the soulful “Hit Me With a Hot Note,” sung by Ariana Gonzalez.

The seniors from every department got together near the end of the performance to sing “Seasons of Love,” an emotional song that celebrated their last choir concert at DBHS.
The concert ended with a bang when all the choir groups got together to perform the summertime hit “Hot, Hot, Hot.”

“My favorite part of the whole concert was definitely the finale because everyone got to be apart of it and it was the senior’s last song,” junior Nicolas Zhou said.

A week after choir’s performance, the dance department energized audiences with their dramatic theme, “Evoke.” The concert was full of fun-filled dances and dramatic group numbers.

A variety of dance styles filled the show. Hip-hop moves could be seen in the performance set to the song “Out of My Mind” by B.o.B. Choir members Jakie Aluning, Jillian Aluning, and Yasi Hekmat contributed by singing “Kaleidoscope Heart” while dancers gave a touching performance.

Present at the concert were many student choreographers, such as Jonathan Estrada who choreographed the number “500 miles.” The concert also contained many classic hits like “All That Jazz” and “Greased Lightning.”