Restaurant Review: Zero Degrees

Amy Miyahara , Contributing Writer

In a small strip mall located a block from the Puente Hills shopping center lies Zero Degrees, City of Industry’s newest dessert and drink craze. Open for little more than a week at the time of my visit, the place was already buzzing with customers. What makes Zero Degrees distinct are its variety of Italian ice sundaes and unique drinks that combine uncommon flavors.

I walked in on a Saturday afternoon to the sounds of upbeat pop music. The décor was clean and simple, and most of the tables were taken. However to my surprise, there was no line and a friendly staff member helped us right away.

To order, you can choose any of the signature sundaes or drinks listed on the menu, or you can create your own combinations. Some of the signature sundaes include the Chamango sundae, the S’mores sundae, and the Milk and Cereal sundae. You can also make your own combinations using the different Italian ice flavors, which are displayed right as you enter, and any of the available toppings.

The staff member informed us that the Chamango sundae was the most popular item, so of course I had to order it. He also recommended the sparkling Raspberry Mojito (alcohol free), which my mom and I ordered as well.

The service for sundaes was fast, and I received my Chamango almost immediately after I ordered. However, the Raspberry Mojito took about ten minutes to be prepared.

The Chamango sundae is a combination of mango Italian ice, pineapple Dole Whip, Chamoy sauce, and Tajin seasoning. It was almost too pretty to eat, with its vibrant red, orange, and yellow hues, and topped with a slice of lime. I had to snap several pictures before finally taking a bite. The combination of the sweet mango ice, Dole Whip, the salty and spicy Chamoy sauce, and Tajin reminded me of the flavors of Mexican candy. Personally, I found the combination odd and would have preferred the Dole Whip and mango ice by itself. However, if you are a fan of Mexican candy and enjoy sweet, salty and spicy combinations, you may enjoy the Chamango sundae.

Once it arrived, we then tried the Raspberry Mojito. I found it to be refreshing, and the mix of the raspberry and mint with chia seeds was a pleasant combination. One downfall, though, was the ratio of drink to ice. After finishing the drink rather quickly, more than half the cup was filled with ice. There was much less of the actual drink than it had appeared.

We decided to return the next day to try some of the other items on the menu.

This time around, we ordered the S’mores sundae, a Boba sundae with honeydew and lychee Italian ice, and another Boba sundae with oreo and milk ice. The game box, filled with card games for customer usage, kept my little brother entertained as we waited for our sundaes.

I would highly recommend the S’mores sundae, which is a combination of milk cream Italian ice, milk chocolate, and caramel sauce, all topped with crumbled graham crackers and two giant toasted marshmallows. The creamy milk ice blended perfectly with the caramel and the chocolate, and the graham crackers and marshmallows added some nice texture. This dessert was definitely a winner.

My Boba sundae included Oreo and milk cream ice, vanilla custard, and boba. I was impressed with the quality of the boba, which was chewy and fresh. The Oreo ice was very creamy, especially when mixed with the custard. The Honeydew and Lychee Boba sundae was pretty much exactly the same except, for the flavors of the Italian ice. The honeydew and lychee had a very genuine, fruity flavor that was refreshing.

The verdict? I would definitely recommend this place and plan on going back. After all, there are several more sundaes and drinks on the menu to try.  Zero Degrees is a definite winner.