Restaurant Review: Eggslut


Vrinda Chauhan, Asst. Feature Editor

Amidst the hustle bustle and commotion of Grand Central Market in the heart of Los Angeles, a quaint, yet hip restaurant named Eggslut makes a bold statement with just its provocative name. However, I have come to enjoy the restaurant for its audacious and bold flavors that bring a savory, comfort-food taste to LA.

For those unfamiliar with Grand Central, it is a collection of food stalls and small, open restaurants. Cramped spaces and buzzing crowds are the market’s signature. Because of the popularity of the restaurant, it is nearly always packed. Since the market area is open, customers have the option of sitting in the bar area provided by Eggslut or tables in the middle of Grand Central.

The menu choices were a bit meager, with five options for breakfast and three for lunch. Because it was breakfast, only five meal options were available, and two of them had meat. Being a vegetarian, I decided to order the meat-free Fairfax. However, the Bacon, Egg & Cheese sandwich is also a customer favourite, as well as a “Slut,” which features a coddled egg on potato purée, poached in a glass jar. For the most part, the employees were polite, if a bit informal.

I sat down at the bar area and despite the number of people ordering, I received my order within five minutes. My piping hot Fairfax turned out to be a sandwich loaded with scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, and spicy Sriracha mayo with a dash of chives that came together in a virtuosic combination—every bite sent me to egg heaven. There was a generous amount of everything in the sandwich, leaving me full and satisfied, all for $6.

I decided to explore Grand Central and stumbled upon various eateries. My favorite by far was McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams —the perfect place to compliment the hot, creamy food from Eggslut. The ice cream stall offered a wide array of ice cream flavors, from boysenberry to chocolate fudge. I ordered a boysenberry and sweet cream double scoop, and it exceeded my expectations by a tenfold. What took me by surprise was the quality of the ice cream. It had a thick, rich consistency and was just the right amount of sweet.

Another stall that stood out was Press Brothers Juicery, which featured organic, nutrient-dense juices (much like Naked Juice, but thinner in consistency). I ordered a Liquid Gold, which was a tangy blend of pineapple, lemon, mint, and apple. In all honesty, it wasn’t the tastiest drink, but it was cool and refreshing, perfect for the hot, summer day. However, it certainly wasn’t worth the $6.

I decided to return to Eggslut for lunch, and it was more packed than ever. This time, I ordered egg salad. The restaurant also offers all of its sandwiches in salad form, so I opted for that. My order arrived just as quickly, but admittedly looked less appetizing. Essentially, it was a small serving of egg salad with a side of arugula leaves. However, it still managed to impress me—the arugula leaves were flavoured in such a way that they complimented the egg salad nicely. It made for a pleasant, light lunch.

All in all, Eggslut is delicious beyond belief, and other food stalls around Grand Central, such as McConnell’s, compliment it nicely. The food was so “eggcelent” that I’d even travel the 30 miles again just to get another taste.