Prepping for Prom

Sophia Kim, Contributing Writer

As the restless school year comes to an end, DBHS’ upperclassmen are preparing to go out to sea at this year’s prom. On May 16, junior and senior Brahmas will be boarding on to The Queen Mary in Long Beach to experience the same classic romance passengers felt decades ago.

“I’ve been dreaming about senior prom since elementary school,” senior Shirley Guo said. “It’s just one of those things you have to experience before graduating high school.”

As of last year, the Class of 2016 junior prom committee has been working earnestly to prepare for this year’s prom event. And while many of the committee members are anticipating the outcome of their hard work, a handful of upperclassmen are already anxiously thinking about how to ask out their dates to this unique and exciting prom.

“I’ll be making the poster with friends since that’s part of the fun,” junior Eric Ma said. “I can’t wait to go with someone special to the prom I created with my wonderful committee.”

While many boys are planning to make comical posters full of puns, junior Shawn Chae and senior Austin Kim have something else in mind. Chae has decided to make his asking a memorable one, creating a scavenger hunt for his girlfriend.

“I’m going to plan a scavenger hunt around my girlfriend’s [neighborhood] and my neighborhood,” Chae said. “[I will] place letters and directions in each station. Each station will have a special memory.”

Meanwhile, Kim, a member of DBHS’ All Male dance team, is planning to impress his date by giving her a lovely showcase during their dance class.

“I’m going to dance to the song, ‘All For You’ when she comes into zero period dance,” Kim said, “Then [I will] present a poster that says Round 3… Be my queen at prom.”

Whether it’s with a funny poster, an impressive scavenger hunt, or a breathtaking showcase, a long line of upperclassmen girls are hoping to be asked out to this nautical themed prom.
Since this dance will be one of their last memories of high school, the juniors and seniors are hoping to end the year with an unforgettable proposal.

“Being asked out [to prom] is quite an exciting feeling, and it’s something that I’m sure every girl has dreamed about ever since they could talk,” junior Doris Tsai said.

However, not everyone will be holding hands with their dates on the Queen Mary, and many students are content with the idea of having fun with their friends. To senior Amberly Cheng, spending meaningful time with close friends is more important than being asked out.

“I just hope we all have fun,” senior Amberly Cheng said. “I kind of imagine it like the high school musical one.”