Now Showing: “Pitch Perfect 2”

Pauline Villegas, Asst. A&E Editor

The Bella’s are finally back, and they are better than ever. “Pitch Perfect 2” kicks off the summer season while proving that not all sequels are a bad idea. Although the plot may seem kind of predictable, the overall mood of the movie is cute, and the songs will make you want to hop out of your seat and dance and sing along.

After a completely humiliating performance at the Lincoln Center for the president, the Barden Bella’s are forced to enter the International Acapella Competition in order to regain their status as champions and appeal their suspension at Barden University.

When they are told that no American group has ever won the competition, they realize they have to bring their A-game to justify their spot in the Acapella world. In the beginning of the movie, when they find out that winning will be virtually impossible, the group learn they must work together as a team to prove everyone wrong.

While practicing for the big competition, they realize that they have lost their classic Bella sound. In order to get their beat back, they have to call in a few favors from some past Bella members. This is when they really begin to work, shown in a montage that is full of hilarious trust exercises.

Directed by actress Elizabeth Banks, “Pitch Perfect 2” is a crowd-pleaser. Banks also has a special part in the movie. Alongside John Michael Higgins, the two play hosts at the competitions that the Bella’s compete in, adding a touch of comedy to the film. Banks brings a feminine taste to the movie, with songs like “Run the World” by Beyonce setting the tone for themes of girl-power and gaining confidence.

Many familiar faces return for the sequel, such as Anna Kendrick who plays Becca, the ring-leader who is famous for her catchy rendition of the “Cups” song, and fan-favorite, Fat Amy, played by Rebel Wilson. Along with these original cast members comes a whole new generation of Bella’s. The new characters Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) and Flo (Chrissie Fit) add a sense of reality to the movie, something the film needs considering that one of the main leaders Chloe (Brittany Snow) is still a Bella after 3 years of being a senior in college.

In the middle of the somewhat racist and sexist jokes comes a unique sense of humor that hasn’t been seen since classics like “Mean Girls.” However, unlike the first movie, “Pitch Perfect 2” doesn’t have as much singing. The only time you really get to see The Bella’s sing is in performances. I kept waiting to hear them break into song, which they only did once or twice.

Adding to the sequel are the numerous cameos by celebrities like Snoop Dogg, members of the Green Bay Packers, and Jimmy Kimmel. Although some may not have been necessary, others brought their comedic sense and truly added to the vibe of the movie.

Although the first movie had much more of an original plot, the new film is not as disappointing as many fans thought it would be. The horizon truly broadened when the Bella’s go up against a German group instead of competing with the American teams they went up against in the last movie.

Overall, the film gives audiences everything they remember from the first movie. It includes comedic aspects, new and old love interests, and a soundtrack that includes new-school and old-school music that is sure to make you want to dance.