League champs tee off to playoffs

GOLF The boys look to end their successful season with a CIF victory.

Senior Alex Lee practices his swing in an upcoming CIF match.

Senior Alex Lee practices his swing in an upcoming CIF match.

Sophia Kim , Staff Writer

A late season push the by Diamond Bar High School varsity golf team successfully carried the Brahmas from second place to co-league champions, tying with Glendora. The team now enters CIF, looking to win its second championship since 2013.

“We are league champs,” head coach Tony McCabe said. “We want to be CIF champs.”

The team has kept their position as league champs for the past 15 years.  Under the guidance of coach Ty Watkins, the boys were able to win CIF once in 2013, and were recognized as a runner-up in 2003.

“I think this year we have a high chance,” senior co-captain William Yang said.  “If everyone does their best, I’m positive that we will win.”

During the two day league final on April 30 and May 5, senior Jefferson Kao took first place and the Most Valuable Player title. Yang and senior Sean Hsu have also been placed in the top eight, allowing them to compete in the CIF individuals along with Kao.

“These guys are good,” McCabe said. “We got players that could play.”

Kao had a score of 143, after shooting a two under par during the first 18 holes and a two over par at the second match. Yang shot 145 and Hsu shot 155.

Aside from individual CIFs, the Brahmas began the team CIF playoffs at the Los Serrano Country Club on Monday.

The boy’s golf team had a tough season this year adjusting to its new coach and balancing out its players. The team was in second place throughout the season as they edged out the other teams by just a couple of strokes in each match.

It was a surprise when they were able to find their way to becoming co-league champs. With McCabe encouraging his team, the Brahmas were able to get everything together and on track.

“We are finally connecting as a team,” Jefferson Kao said. “We are just finally doing well.”

Gaining confidence in the boys, coach McCabe hopes that the team will win state and bring home the golden trophy.

“If we continue to move forward, and we come ready to play, we have a good chance to win,” McCabe said.