DBHS campus goes digital

Gaby Dinh, Web Editor

Fliers have always been a common staple on the Diamond Bar High School campus, and so has the litter that came along with it. But for the past few weeks, students who have looked at the newly-installed school kiosks have seen announcements of school events and video advertisements posted on the touch-screen. Students can use the kiosks to advertise for their clubs and campaigns as the school transitions and learns more about the kiosks.

The kiosks were announced by former Principal Catherine Real in an e-mail to school staff. The e-mail stated that these kiosks would be used to make the school environmentally friendly, stating that they would be an effective way to reduce the number of campus fliers.

“I hope it’ll be used to save paper,” senior Anabelle Cheng said. “So if we still have flyers around school everywhere, that would be a waste.”

The company Skool Live partnered with DBHS to install these kiosks at school after school officials first saw them used in Mater Dei High School.

“I think it has great potential to help us reduce a lot of wasted paper because there are always fliers up on campus during the school year,” APES teacher and Instruction Dean David Hong said.

Two kiosks were installed on Aug. 26. One is next to the career center and the library, and the other is placed near the front entrance of school.

Students interested in using the kiosks to advertise their clubs or extracurricular activities will have to wait until next month when Randy Thomas and Activities Director Janna Van Horn will explain the protocol to sign up.