Hello to Health Clerk Gomez

Nadia Lee, Staff Writer

Although Diamond Bar High School’s staff does its best to maintain a safe learning environment for students, accidents still occur. As a replacement for previous health clerk Debbie Holt, Lorraine Gomez recently joined the Brahma family to treat DBHS’s students.

Even though she is a new staff member at DBHS, this isn’t Gomez’s first time working as a health clerk. She has previously worked as a health clerk at Suzanne Middle School for three years, and prior to that, Collegewood Elementary in Walnut for four years.

“I enjoy interacting with the students and staff. I have children who attend this school district and working here is a perfect fit for me and my family,” Gomez said via email.

After working in the elementary and middle school environment for seven years, Gomez has transitioned into aiding high school students.

“DBHS is one of the few schools to offer a full time health clerk position. Since my children are getting older, I figured it would be a great time for me to get back into the workforce full time,” Gomez said.

The purpose of a health clerk is to help injured or sick students who visit the. A health clerk’s job is to also assist Walnut Valley Unified School District nurse Theresa Guest—who screens and evaluates findings of deficit in vision or hearing. She must input various data entries and reports while updating student documents. Unlike school nurses, health clerks are not permitted to perform tasks that require a nursing license. Instead, they perform basic first aid treatments.

Though she is still new and has been here for a mere two months, Gomez already enjoys working at DBHS as both a health clerk and a Brahma.

“It feels great. I must say, everyone has been so welcoming. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be part of the Brahma family,” Gomez said.