Girls make most of Team’s Potential

Junior Andrea Gonzales (left) and freshman Alexis Tovar (right) battle against the South Hills Huskies, in a game.

Andrew Choi

Junior Andrea Gonzales (left) and freshman Alexis Tovar (right) battle against the South Hills Huskies, in a game.

Nadia Lee, Staff Writer

Halfway through its season, the varsity softball team steps up to the mound determined to strike out opposing teams. With a 11-6 overall record, the Lady Brahmas are currently in fourth place in the Palomares League, with their league play having started after spring break.

Though the Lady Brahmas experienced a rocky start during their first tournament at Redondo Beach, they were able to work their way up the ladder once season started.

“My goal for the team is for everyone on the team to accept their role and do it to the best of their ability. If everyone can show up with their game face ready to play hard [and], get dirty out on the field, then I will be a happier coach. Effort and attitude are the only two things that the players can control,” Roberta Garcia-Uyemura said.

Effort and attitude aren’t the only factors that will allow the players to excel on the field. Both Garcia-Uyemura and sophomore captain Rebecca Winder knows that team chemistry is also an important aspect that contributes to the girls’ performance on the field.

“We have gone through a lot together [such as] drama and struggled with conditioning and working out. [I’m] not saying that we don’t like it, it’s just that it is a lot of hard work and we [need] to get through it together,” Winder said.

Garcia-Uyemera plans on having the team spend more time together outside of school watching college softball games so that they can to bond and learn.

“We will do different team bonding to make the team closer. We have gone to see a Cal State Fullerton softball game and will attend a Mt. SAC softball game,” she said.

Though it is its first time competing in the Palomares league, senior captain Danielle Cornejo is determined that the team will be successful in the league.

“Well we have a lot of potential. We have so much power and speed on our team. I believe that we will fit right in with our new league and competitors. Our goal is to win league and go to CIF, but in this new league, we have a lot of good teams that are very competitive. So it’s going to be tough to come up on top but that’s our goal,” Cornejo said.

From her past experiences, Winder believes that South Hills and Claremont will be the team’s toughest opponents to face.

“The competition is very good. We are going to have a tough season, but I think if we work hard, we can win,” Winder said.

The Lady Brahmas travel to Bonita High School today for their third league game.