DBHS ranks in top 100

Ingrid Chan, Staff Writer

Placing in California’s top 100 out of 4,495 high schools can be considered an almost impossible feat for most schools, but Diamond Bar High School has done it again.

Recently, DBHS ranked 37th on the 2016 Best Public High Schools list, a survey done by Niche. Schools across the country were judged according to the quality of their academics, teachers, culture, and facilities.

Niche is an online website that posts a multitude of reviews, statistics, and surveys on schools across the United States. In addition to the four main aspects, elements such as extracurriculars, academics, teachers, student fitness, safety, parent reviews, and student diversity also have a significant influence on results. DBHS’ highest scores were for its academics, teachers, and overall safety of the school.

At the time of the survey, Niche covered a total of 23,861 public high schools in the U.S. In order to be considered, a public school has to be located in one of the 50 states, offer grades 11 and 12, and have sufficient data available for analysis.

The final rankings resulted in 17,102 high schools receiving an actual letter grade, with about 16,500 of them actually achieving a numbered rank.

DBHS placed 332nd, which is quite high considering the number of schools being ranked across the United States.

Niche does not only rank the general quality of high schools; it also has separate surveys and rankings for a variety of other things such as best administration, extracurriculars, food, facilities, and many more, most of which DBHS ranks in the top 50 for California.