Club Corner: Kids 2 Kids


Club member Winnie Ho gives back to the community by tutoring students at Castle Rock Elementary School and being a positive role model.

Frances Wu, Asst. News Editor

Though most community service clubs at Diamond Bar High School focus on volunteering at homeless shelters or setting up for city events, Kids 2 Kids, gives high school students a chance to help younger children at local elementary schools.

Kids 2 Kids members work with children from Mondays to Thursdays by reading stories to them, helping them with homework, or even just playing board games with them.

On special occasions, such as Christmas, the club members host parties and game events for the elementary students. These activities allow members to become mentors for the children and develop
close relationships, to the point where the children feel like younger siblings.

“We’re the kind of club that influences our future generation. I love interacting with kids and I want to continue teaching tem, hoping that my lessons will be the best part of their week,” senior President Tiffany Chiang said via Facebook.

However, while Kids 2 Kids is mostly about helping children learn, members can also learn from the children in return.

“What I learned was the art of giving back to people. When a nice act is presented to someone, it creates a ripple effect. I love interacting with kids and I want to continue teaching them,” Chiang explained.

In addition to working with children almost daily, the club also sends members to volunteer at local city events. For example, the students helped out at the annual Brea 8K event several weeks ago, and the officers are creating ways for members to help more people in different areas.

“[The Brea 8k event] was not only a time for officers and members to bond, but also we helped the Brea community. We also started branching out to other schools. Next year, we hope that we will have more members joining to go to those schools,” Chiang commented.

In the past two years, Kids 2 Kids members have partnered with children exclusively from Evergreen and Castle Rock Elementary Schools, but recently, Quail Summit and Maple Hill have opened their gates to the DBHS students as well.

“My buddy is like my friend. Though I only see my buddy Florence once a week, the time I spend with her is so fun. And I know for many others, they have had the same buddy for two years or more, and over that time, they are able to see them grow up, and I think that’s awesome,” junior Secretary Akane Kang reflected.