Career Center finds new head

Ingrid Chan, Staff Writer

Located in the room directly next to the library, the College and Career Center aids students in preparing for the future by providing information about jobs and colleges. This year, the center has seen the addition of a new counselor, Rachelle Romero.

Having had previous experience working as a counselor at a career path school, Romero, replacing former counselor Gyasmine Williams, has developed the necessary skills for helping students with their education.

As a goal for the future, Romero plans on increasing the number of student visitors the center receives.

The Career Center is currently in the process of remodeling its interior, which was Romero’s idea as part of a plan to attract more students, especially sophomore and freshmen who typically do not give their futures much thought.

“A lot of them have never even been in the Career Center before, but I’m hoping to remodel this into a more welcoming environment for the students so that they’ll feel more comfortable with coming in,” Romero said.

At the College and Career Center, students are free to explore the different colleges they are interested in and ask questions regarding information and applications pertaining to universities.
There are also many online virtual tours students can take on college websites, as well as information on available job opportunities that Romero can provide.

On the Career Center’s school website, there are links to many scholarship opportunities, and students have easy access to information on all sorts of tests, like the ACT, SAT, and their deadlines.

Additionally, students can learn how to create a resume and can obtain work permits at the center.

Romero plans on using the school kiosks to encourage students to take full advantage of the Career Center. She will begin sending emails to parents about important upcoming events, and use Remind101 to send mass informational text messages to students.

Apart from remodeling the Career Center, Romero would like to encourage students to participate in college campus visits in order to introduce them to a college environment.

She also hopes for students to realize what a good resource they have in Career Center, and utilize it for all it is worth.

“I just want to help students discover where their natural talents lie, and assist them in finding what career suits them best. That’s why I am now a counselor,” Romero said.

The College and Career Center is available to students from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. every school day.