Brahma Sings in L.A Opera Production


Landi poses with a cast member from the L.A. production. (Photo Courtesy of Madison Landi)

Michelle Ki, Asst. Feature Editor

Although sophomore Madison Landi has already surpassed expectations as an aspiring musician, she has now taken her music career a step further. She was cast in the Los Angeles Opera’s production of “Noah’s Flood,” performed earlier this month.

Landi initially started singing when she was in fifth grade with her brother’s band in her backyard. However, when the band ultimately broke up, Landi took the initiative to look for a new band herself, as a lead singer. She came across a band that had lost their lead singer at Chaparral Middle School; so during brunch time in seventh grade, Landi asked to be a part of the band and they accepted.

So far, Landi’s rising singing career includes performances with her current band, Matsunaenae, at the House of Blues in Anaheim, The Grove of Anaheim, and Disneyland. Her band consists of DBHS students, sophomore Darryl Matsune, juniors Aaron Kerestes, Anthony Vasquez, and senior Noah Skidgel.

However, Landi’s talent doesn’t stop with just singing. After doing musicals in middle school, Landi started to take interest in the field of acting. This led her to try out in January for “Noah’s Flood,” put on by the LA Opera.

Landi initially auditioned at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles for the part as “Gossip 2.” She received a call back and eventually secured the role. Although Landi faced a tight schedule full of rehearsals Monday through Friday from 4 to 8 p.m. and occasional Saturday practices, she doesn’t regret joining the production at all.

“It was very time consuming and nerve wrecking working with people such as James Conlon, but the end product was definitely worth it. I was more excited than nervous,” Landi said.
The production of “Noah’s Flood” took place on March 6 and 7, focusing on the story of Noah’s Ark. Landi’s character taunts Noah into thinking he is dumb for thinking there will be a flood. In the end, the Gossips die and everyone else continues with their lives.

“Noah’s Flood” sold out both nights of the production, with over 2000 people attended each night.

“Even though the role was small, I felt proud because I’ve never sung opera before, so [the] fact that I even got casted made me happy,” Landi said.

Being a newcomer in the field of opera, Landi didn’t know what to expect. However, she was lucky enough to have someone to guide her along the way.

Although Landi wants to pursue a career in the music field, she is not sure which branch specifically.

“I’m leaning more towards the business side of the music industry rather than trying to be an actual artist. I’m looking to major in either music management or recording technology,” she said.

Through it all, Landi treasures the importance of good people in her life over any amount of money and materialistic items.