Brahma on the Court

Photo Courtesy of Jenny Ting

Michelle Ki, Asst. Feature Editor

Let’s face it. Most students don’t walk out of Diamond Bar High School thinking they’ll be able to make a living out of being a professional cheerleader—let alone a Los Angeles Laker Girl. However, DBHS alumna Jenny Ting achieved her stardom, pursuing her lifelong dream.

In high school, Ting was mainly involved in Dance Team, the hip hop club, CSF, and Journalism. Although she started dancing as a hobby, it evolved into a passion for her. Her love for dancing also led her to become a Laker Girl. However this season, Ting decided not to try out, and instead to put her sole focus on her current occupation as a realtor.

“I completed two amazing years, and it was time to move on into the next chapter of my life. Focusing on [real estate] and with the Lakers schedule [became] very demanding. I have been licensed for five years, so I’ve been enjoying real estate a lot,” Ting said.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Ting moved to California at the age of 10. Learning English as a second language was a huge obstacle to face, but after two years, she was able to adapt and fluently understand English.

“While attending high school, it was not the easiest path as a student that did not fit in. I remember struggling to make friends and finding my own personality. There were a few years of bullying and hard times. It took me a few years to overcome the fear and I have finally been able to discuss my experiences involving bullying,” Ting said via e-mail.

Ting graduated from DBHS in 2006 and pursued a double major in Anthropology and Sociology at the University of California, Irvine, graduating in 2010. She was also the first person in her family to graduate from an American university. After college, she passed the California Real Estate Exam and received her Real Estate Broker license.

Due to the obstacles she faced from immigrating to America, Ting was determined to change the fate of her younger siblings and give them what she could not have.

“I think my greatest accomplishment is being a huge part of my younger siblings up-bringing. I cannot be more proud of everything they have accomplish[ed] and all the sacrifices I put into raising them like my own kids,” Ting said.

Like many students in high school, Ting did not know what career she wanted to pursue.

“DBHS taught me more than just a specific subject. It gave me a great education, but more importantly, DBHS taught life skills because of the diverse education environment it had,” Ting said.

In high school, Ting’s favorite teachers were Daniel Roubian and Latitia Thomas due to their intelligence and inspirational attitude towards her.

“Every single day I looked forward to my six period class with Mrs. Thomas because she always made math fun and she brightens up my day with her attitude and sweet caring personality,” Ting said.

Recently, Ting has also competed in the Miss California USA pageant as Miss Diamond Crest and placed second runner up out of more than 300 girls. Her first pageant was at Diamond Bar in high school, making the Miss California pageant only her second time competing in a pageant.

“I started pageants because I was really bad in public speaking. My mom suggested that I should try it to train my interview skills. [Both pageants] were amazing experiences and I definitely learned a lot about confidence and speaking,” Ting said.

Ting believes her supportive family, a small group of honest and truthful friends, and hard work got her to where she is now.

“I look back on my journey, and I think it is because I followed my own thoughts and opinions—did everything my own way. When I have failed, I gained more and learned from my mistakes. I was curious and wanted to try things I never did. Till this very day, I am still intrigued by the world and different opportunities. I always believe there is always room for growth and improvement. I am still learning and educating myself every single day,” Ting said.

Daniel Roubian, one of Ting’s favorite teachers, still recalls her even after nearly a decade.

“Jenny Ting was an excellent student, very personable—thorough and driven. I enjoyed having her in my class and I’m proud of what she has accomplished,” Roubian said.